New Life for the Broken


Fifteen 5 Ministries helps men of the world become the men they were created to be, reconnect to the Grace offered in Jesus and take the first steps toward a happy, healthy, fulfilled life within the loving arms of God.

Monday Message

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“I am the vine; you are the branches.

– John 15:5


Pastor John Dawson and Kenny Svatos saw a need to help the lost. They saw seemingly hopeless people who lacked the essential skills to build good, sustainable lives that should have been taught in their youth. With few options available, Fifteen 5 Ministries was born.

How We Help

Through faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ, each Caller, person in need, receives support of a family-oriented community. They receive a hands-on approach to learning the basic skills to lead a fulfilled life. Callers are held accountable to become hard-working, contributing members of society.

Who We Help

When it feels lonely, like no one is listening, or there is nowhere to turn, Fifteen 5 Ministries is here. We help men down on their luck who may be homeless, suffering from addiction, transitioning out of prison, struggling from a lifetime of poor experiences, or numerous other situations.


Many of our Callers find themselves stuck in a generational cycle of misfortune, addiction and hopelessness. In order to break that cycle, it’s important to build a good, solid foundation starting with the basics.

Fifteen 5 Ministries reaches out to those in need and pulls them in with arms of love and acceptance, helps them get on their feet, and helps them stay there, by teaching life skills and providing services critical to success beyond survival.

With a community to walk alongside them, infusing them with positive, useful nourishment, their lives will be transformed. Let’s work together to help others reach their potential and learn how to earn it.

Mike E.

“I have broken the chains that once trapped me and am living truly free. Thank you to my friend and mentor John and Fifteen 5 Ministries.”

Kevin C.

“Treatment gave me all the tools I needed to understand my addiction, but it was Fifteen 5 Ministries that really gave me what I needed as I contemplated suicide.”

Kenny S.

“I had lost everything and was looking for hope but didn’t know where to go. Fifteen 5 Ministries showed a genuine interest in me and my story.”