At Fifteen 5 Ministries, we focus on community. With positive encouragement and support, our Callers transform into their best selves. You can too! 


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Monday Message

Check out the newest message on the home page or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. A weekly message based on scripture to add a little positive motivation to your Monday.

Devotionals for Busy Families

Sunday Nights Check out our Facebook page to watch the message! A weekly devotional filled with inspirational stories to enjoy with your family.


Word Investigation

To truly discover your purpose and gain personal growth, it’s important that you investigate the Word of God by studying the Bible. We gather weekly to learn, discuss and grow in our faith in a safe, welcoming environment open to all men, no matter where they are in their faith walk. All men, ages 18 and older, are welcome to join. This event is FREE to attend.

Every Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Tre Ministries | 900 W. 11th St, Sioux Falls, SD

                                             WORD INVESTIGATION!   

Beginning May 8th:

Please contact us to order your copy of the book.


Do you need someone to talk to about family, faith, struggles or goals? We offer one-on-one mentoring in order to work through life’s challenges. You’ll be paired with a mentor who can relate to your situation. Sessions are 100% confidential.

Two men studying the Bible

breaking the cycle
for the next generation

Struggling with addiction and other unhealthy life choices is often a result of the way a person was raised. If you look back far enough, you’ll probably find similarities and consistencies from how they were raised and the habits of their parents, and so on. It’s easy to fall into certain cycles because it is all they know. But every person gets to choose their path forward and how they will influence the next generation.

Change begins with you. Your children do not have to experience the same cycles that have repeated themselves for generations. Learn how to break the cycle and plan for tomorrow. Contact us for more information.

A+ Men

We are a group of dads dedicated to strengthening our relationship with our kids once a month. Currently, this program is offered through the local school district. We are looking to add an additional group meeting outside of the school as well. We would love for you to join us, along with our team captain, Kenny Svatos.
Learn more about All Pro Dads, by clicking “Learn More” below.



Sometimes in ministry, it’s tough to connect with everyone who is in need. At Fifteen 5 Ministries, we “take it to the streets”. We have developed several outreach programs to reach people from all walks of life – the homeless, the addicted, the hurting. We are extending our branches to our community in order to carry out God’s Will through prayer, supplies and hope.


C.U.T.S. — Clean Up the Streets

We walk the streets, cleaning up trash and praying over the city. We remove litter and hazardous items we may find. God blessed us with a beautiful place to live and we show our appreciation by taking care it. We also pray for our surroundings, the homes we pass, the people we see and the environments we clean.

Street “Soul”jahs

Street “Soul”jahs is an outreach program where we gather a group of people to literally “walk” the streets of Sioux Falls. The goal is to supply hygiene supplies and other every day needs to our city’s homeless and downtrodden. Our vision is to bring souls to Christ by sharing our compassion and gifts to those in need.


Keystone Treatment Center Ministry

Keystone Treatment Center is a place to break free from the grips of addiction by using behavioral, cognitive and interpersonal therapies. We believe people can change their behaviors, the way that they think about situations, the way they react and how they interact with others. Fifteen 5 Ministries is one of many Christian Spiritual Advisors brought in-house to help enhance the spiritual health of their patients. We are proud to share Christian principles and bring hope to individuals in need.

Prison Ministry

Adopt an inmate who is serving life in prison. Supply them with necessities such as calling cards and funds for the commissary, along with other basic needs they don’t have access to in prison without money. Write encouraging online messages through a private, secure portal and show the love of Jesus Christ to them.


Change your life. Become a Caller.