Fifteen 5 Ministries reaches out to those in need, on the streets, pulls them in with arms of love and acceptance, helps them get on their feet, and helps them stay there, by teaching life skills and providing services critical to success beyond survival.


John Dawson / Pastor

Pastor John Dawson, a New York native, knew he wanted to grow up to be a pastor from the time he was just 10 years old. He grew up in a Christian home with a hard-working father and stay-at-home mother. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and a loving existence.

At age 28, John became a pastor. After many years in ministry, he became disheartened by the lack of up close and personal connection with people who were truly suffering and struggling. Over time, John evolved into his work in other ministries, where he worked on outreach for homeless, displaced and unstable people within the community. But in that role, he lacked the connection to Jesus, the ability to bring people home to God. He longed for a place he could do both: preach the love and light of God, and tangibly help and support people in need. He yearned to teach others to build good, sustainable lives out of basic skills, hard work and faith. Since he could not find that place, he decided to create it.

Kenny Svatos / Outreach Director

Kenny Svatos, on the other hand, found himself in a generational cycle that could have led him towards a path of hopelessness. Though he never had problems with drugs or hard crime, it was all around him from a very young age. Instead of succumbing to the darker sides of life, he felt drawn to help others who already had, which may have been his saving grace. He certainly sees it as his calling.

When he was very young, circumstances led his family to bounce around a lot, creating instability. He ended up in dangerous neighborhoods and had to learn to fend for himself. He also learned quickly to not become attached to anyone or anything, taking a more callous and cautious approach to life, as a way to survive. It took having his own children before he was prepared to seek a deeper relationship with God in a cry for help. And through this experience and wanting to support others like him, Fifteen 5 Ministries was born.

Together, John and Kenny run Fifteen 5 Ministries to help the men of the world become the men God created them to be.

Be the man God created you to be.